It’s our bet that as you’ve started making videos to support your marketing efforts, you’ve realized there’s more to it than uploading your video to YouTube and hoping for the best.

You need to plan purposeful videos with clear actions attached to them, or else there’s no way to determine if you were successful.

After launching our Tale of Two Marketers video campaign – a story of two very different approaches to video – we asked you to share your own video stories (be it your advice, examples, or best practices with the hashtag #MKTGSTORY).

Then we brought all of the tweet-able advice together in this handy SlideShare. Covering pre and post production, there are some tips in here for everyone!

Some Extra Optimization Resources

As recommended in the SlideShare, there are a few things you can do to ensure your videos are helping you bring in more business. Here’s a quick rundown of some helpful resources to get you going:

Ensure you’re writing scripts that grab attention quickly

Because your audience has an attention span of less than eight seconds, ensure you’re writing focused, concise scripts. You can learn more on how to qualify your audience with this piece on designing content to capture attention faster.

Add a compelling CTA to every video

Connecting your videos to real marketing actions is the first step to ensuring your campaigns make a measurable difference. Discover why a CTA is important, and then view examples of six different kinds of CTAs here.

Splice up your recorded webinars to jumpstart your video strategy

You might be closer to a video marketing strategy than you think! If you have recorded webinar content on hand, see our tips for repurposing these assets for use in a video library.

Lead scoring with video as your guide

A ten percent improvement in lead quality can result in a 40% improvement in sales productivity. Discover how to implement a lead scoring model based on exactly which videos your viewers are watching and why this is so effective.

What’s YOUR video marketing story?

Participate with the hashtag #MKTGSTORY to show us your company’s best video examples, best practices, or advice.

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