How to make your first million dollar with little or no money and without having something unique to offer?

The shocking truth is that only 2.1% of the adult population is gifted and 95.4% of us think alike. What that means to you is that there are at least 100s of people in your city alone who share your talents, your knowledge, and skills. Even worse is that no matter how hard you try to come up with a unique business idea, there is at least one person in the world who has already thought of it, is thinking of it right now, or will be thinking of it quite soon. This makes you wonder if your business ideas, your talents, or your skills, as is, can ever be worth $100,000 set aside a million dollar.

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Here is what resolving self-doubt means in your entrepreneurial life; it means less money and time spent on product fulfillment, more perseverance and out-of-the-box approach in times of challenge, and ultimately more sales revenue and financial freedom. Knowing your worth can bring you a million but the gratitude that comes with it is priceless.

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