I watched the film the Pursuit of Happyness again over the weekend. It’s one of my favourite films and like with all great films you’ve seen a few times, you start to notice the tiny details. Firstly, it struck me that the film’s title, taken from the Declaration of Independence, was basically stating that happiness is actually something you pursue. Very few of us are happy all the time and some of us only experience it for fleeting moments, so it was insightful of Thomas Jefferson to add the word “pursuit”, as if happiness is something that we need to chase after ~ something which doesn’t come naturally… 

That brought me to the clip of Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith), who is jobless and desperate to make his mark upon the world, sees a Ferrari 308 near Wall Street, asks it’s owner,

“What do you do? And how do you do it?”

Two questions that we’d all do well to ask others from time to time. The guy Chris asks is a stockbroker and he simply explains that you don’t need a college degree to be a stockbroker…

“You just need to be good with people and good with numbers”.

[Watch the clip here]

People and numbers. Art and science. Steve Job’s once said that ”..the reason I love Apple so much was that it exists at the intersection of humanity and technology”. It’s that very reason why I love working in digital marketing and social business. People and numbers. Networks and big data. Social media also exists at that crossroads where humanity meets technology.


And when Nate Silver says that,”We ask too much of technology and not enough of ourselves…” he’s exactly right. The best technology in the world will not save you. It will not make your company perform better, protect your job or create the break-through in your market that you need in order to remain competitive. On it’s own technology will not save the word’s problems or foster better connections between cultures. You need people. Talented people who can make sense of the technology. People who are good with numbers but understand relationships.


Which brings me to Jason Silva. One of the best curators of humanity and technology that I’ve come across in recent times. But rather than wax lyrical about the way that he articulates this intersection, I’d rather show you a few short beautifully made videos. I think you’ll understand what I mean when you’ve seen them. Enjoy…

My Top 3 @Jason Silva Videos [VIMEO]

  1. A Mind Made for Mating
  2. To Understand is to Perceive Patterns
  3. Radical Openness


Exactly. Let’s go forth and [imagine / create / invent]…