“Refreshing, entertaining, and a tad bit suspenseful” J. Tate

“The best investment of 2011. Find a comfortable spot in the house and discover your life.” Jeff Chen

An Advisor to Millionaires Reveals a Secret Investment They All Make. It’s The Ultimate Investment.

The Ultimate Investment is the easiest investment you can make that determines the outcome of your entire life. It doesn’t cost money but you spend it. Discover what it is before it’s too late!

Big talk? You decide. Real truth comes from personal experience.

Is there risk? There might be. But you have control.

Too good to be true? Not this time.

You’ll see how a simple thing can produce life-changing results.

It’s the outcome of 25+ years of working with extremely wealthy people, and consulting with over 250 small businesses. It’s the secret to their entrepreneurship. The Ultimate Investment worked for them. It will work for you.

You’ve heard the stories of people who start with nothing and end up building an empire. They achieved by maximizing their Ultimate Investment. You’ve also heard stories of those who were born with every advantage but squandered it all to die as paupers. They wasted theirs.

Now for some technical stuff:

Research indicates that the most effective self-help learning is accomplished when you’re relaxed, calm, and interested; and the most effective teaching is by example, actually demonstrating rather than lecturing. The Ultimate Investment does both.

It’s revealed in a business fable you can read in about two hours. Hopefully it will keep you entertained as well as enlightened. How’s that for effective time management?

Those who make the most of their Ultimate Investment are happy and fulfilled. Those who don’t . . . well. I think you know.

This book is self-help in the extreme. It is about time management and entrepreneurship, and will teach you how to achieve your fondest dreams and goals. It’s personal development through entertainment . . . a business fable for modern times.

But this book is also practical. Start right away in utilizing your own Ultimate Investment after your personal discovery of this quick, easy read.

Written by a veteran banker and business owner who has worked with over 250 startup and expanding businesses. It’s an easy-to-follow personal development guide as well as a realistic example for making the most of your ‘Ultimate Investment.’


“I’m sitting here 2 hours after downloading the book and reading it in its entirety. I am reflecting on where I am and where I should be in life. Without spoiling the story, I must say it’s a great read if you’re in a crossroad on your career path. Best of luck to other readers.” Joe Nav

“This book was phenomenal! I came upon it by accident and couldn’t put it down after the first chapter! I literally read the entire book in one sitting! Bravo Zulu to the Author!” VA Beach Football

“The Ultimate Investment is very inspirational and motivating. H. Bradley Stucki has a way of writing that brings the reader into a great story that not only is easy to read but that makes you think.

He has such good insight into life-changing ideas that are so simple, yet so many of us forget about them or we just simply ignore them and don’t apply them in our own lives.

Once you finish reading this book, you will find yourself grabbing a pen and paper to start your own “Ultimate Investment” journey.

I encourage anyone who is struggling in their career, relationships, or other areas of your life to download this book and begin the journey. You won’t be disappointed.” Janet