From The Inspirational Books Series: A Guide to Living a Better Life Today

Learn the Ancient Words of Wisdom and Success Principles in The Silk Merchant

A powerful story that takes place nearly 2000 years ago, The Silk Merchant is part of the Inspirational Books Series and your guide to discovering timeless success principles for living a better life today.

Contained in the pages of this self help book, are the ancient words of wisdom and success principles that have been passed down for generations. These ancient words of wisdom and laws of success provide a framework for you to truly live a better life no matter what your present situation is today.

The 12 immutable laws discovered by Pontus, The Silk Merchant, can help anyone to better guide their life and lead a more happy and fulfilled existence today. The simplicity and power in the laws can help transform you from any situation filled with despair and emerge from the dark into the light.

After you buy this book from the Inspirational Books Series and read the powerful story contained within these pages you’ll realize your true potential for success through the 12 immutable laws for success in life and in business.