The most truthful 20 step guide on starting a work from home medical billing career and home based medical billing business. The Medical Billing Home Business Bible comes complete with actual examples of medical billing contracts, medical billing business agreements, fee and payment structures, marketing flyers, face-to-face scripts, telephone interview scripts, and other forms you must become familiar with so you can achieve results quickly! This expertly written book gives you definitive answers to all the questions you have and the questions you didn’t know you should be asking such as… 1) Is the home based medical billing market saturated? 2) Can I start this business without any prior healthcare experience? 3) What will it really cost me to start a work from home medical billing career? 4) How long will it take me to get up and running? 5) How much money can I expect to make as a home based medical biller? 6) How do I correctly set up my business entity in the eyes of the law? 7) What is HIPAA and how does it impact me as a medical biller? 8) How do I choose the best medical billing training courses? 9) How do I evaluate and choose the best clearinghouse for my business? 10) Where do I go to download medical billing software demo’s? 11) What 3 medical billing services at a minimum should I offer to potential clients? 12) How much should I charge clients for my services? 13) Where will I find the contact information of physicians so I can market my services to them? 14) What must I do and say to convince doctors and their staff to secure their business? 15) What kinds of paperwork will I need to bring on an interview to ensure the signing process goes smoothly? The above is a very small sample of questions you must get accurate answers to and the Medical Billing Home Business Bible is the only medical billing start up book that is qualified to give you the truthful answers you want and need.

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