Taking Small Steps to a Big Life is a practical guide that will help you examine your level of commitment to achieving your life goals. This book will give you age old everyday advice that has been tried and proven to be effective for getting the best results. Life experience is the best teacher but it doesn’t have to be your life experiences, you can learn from the successes and failures of others. In this book you will learn how to make and accomplish practical goals, how to apply leadership principles to assist you in your personal life, the importance of self discipline and the best way to form positive habits by making a mental transformation in order to live a big life. I open my life to you as an example of what works and doesn’t work as we attempt to live the life we want to live. Habits are formed daily and these habits can be good or bad. Your habits will serve you for better or worst. I teach you how to get the best out of this natural law. We are creatures of habits I will teach you how to form the right habits that work for you and not against you. To achieve greatness you must take small steps. I show you how to get started by setting small simple goals. I show you what you need to do on a daily basis to stay on course. I give you the tools that you need to maintain your enthusiasm, desire and motivation to push through your target and achieve personal growth.