Stress Management Skills Training Course. Stress is all around us and affects us all – but it isn’t the same for everyone, and each of us handles it differently. One person’s challenging pressure is someone else’s debilitating stress. Techniques that work well for you might not be so effective for me. There is no single ‘right answer’, and that’s why we want to help you build your own personal toolbox of stress management skills. Course Overview We start this course by taking an in-depth look at stress, exactly what it is and how to deal with it. We show you how to identify your unhealthy stress, and then give you a number of strategies to help you effectively manage and deal with any areas you want to change. Remember, not all stress is bad, some stress is good and can be healthy – plus it’s often a great motivator. Throughout the programme we take a holistic approach to stress management and consider both manager and employee in the workplace, as well as how to cope outside work and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Topics include: Identifying and fully understanding what stress is. How stress affects our performance, physical body and behaviour. The importance of becoming aware of stress and then taking responsibility by implementing simple strategies to make desired changes to reduce stress. Successful stress management By taking a more personal, inward-looking approach you can gain far more control and make far more changes than you can by simply waiting and hoping for the world to change around you. By the end of this course you’ll have a much deeper awareness of how you create your own stress and what you can do about it. You’ll discover that around 80 per cent of the stress you currently suffer maybe in your head! You’ll also find out what you can do to change it for good. As part of this unique style of training we’ll be looking at your beliefs and your own rule structures. This will allow you to challenge yourself, in a safe environment, to really consider whether you need, or would like to make, a few adjustments to hoe you think about stress. We’ll also walk you through easy restructuring and change processes which will allow you to view things differently and start to make deep, long lasting changes. The course is a little different, informal and lots of fun. All we ask is that you open your mind, take from the course what is right for you, and enjoy! About the author – Kathryn Critchley, With over 14 years’ experience of high-pressure sales and management roles in the telecoms industry with organisations such as BT and Orange and over 6 years’ experience working for the NHS, Kathryn understands the dynamics of team-building, change management, employee motivation and organisational productivity. She has provided training, coaching or therapy for organisations such as the NHS, Victim Support and Witness Service, Cisco Systems, Peugeot, British Gas, IBM, Royal Sun Alliance, various councils, schools and universities, and is also a trainer with the CIPD. Kathryn is passionate about helping people make positive changes and achieve their goals. She achieves remarkable results through seminars and workshops, as well as one to one interventions. She has over 12 years’ experience as a coach, therapist and trainer and a wide range of qualifications, including: Dip Counselling, Master NLP Practitioner, INLPTA NLP Master Practitioner, Cert Hypnotherapy, Dip Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner, Graduate Anthony Robbins Mastery University, Dip Stress Management, Cert Advanced Transactional Analysis, Cert Corporate Consulting, Cert Life Coaching, Dip Performance Coaching, Cert Advanced Life Coaching, Cert NLP Life Coaching. She has also written Coaching Skills Training Course see In this book she shares some of the knowledge and skills that have helped her to manage her own stress and empowered others to do the same.

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