WARNING; Do not use the techniques in this book unless you are serious about releasing the emotional issues which cause you to feel unhappy.

I have studied a range of personal development / self help techniques over the last 15 years or so; Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

I have found EFT to be one of the simplest, most effective, self help techniques for eliminating emotional issues.

EFT was developed in the 1990’s by Gary Craig as a derivative of TFT.

EFT is achieved by tapping on the various energy points (Meridians) which balances the body’s energy system and eliminates most negative emotions within minutes.

EFT is based on the subtle energy systems of the acupuncture meridians which was discovered by the Chinese about 5000 years ago.

More recently, Albert Einstein, told us that everything is composed of energy. Currently Quantum Theory supports these discoveries.

All forms of positive energy, energises us. This energy is transported throughout our body via acupuncture meridians. Sometimes this energy can be disrupted and we experience its effects; unease, discomfort and pain.

With physical tapping at specific points along our energy meridians, EFT “taps” into our energy system to balance it and keep it running smoothly.

Gary Craig stated that;

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

Therefore by tapping specific energy meridians, this clears the disruption and brings the body’s energy system back into balance.

EFT is an energy therapy and it has been proved to be highly effective when used to override old negative emotional patterns such as; anxiety, anger, esteem, fears and phobias, depression etc…

EFT works by eliminating the emotional charge that is attached to the memories or beliefs and once these are out of the way, you will be able to see improvements in the way you feel on a daily basis. Old negative programming becomes trapped in the physiology, however, EFT has the ability to dislodge it and allow it to be released.

I have produced the “Master Of Your Mind – Simple Self Help Guides” series as a means of introducing this simple and effective technique to as many people as possible, to help them to enhance their lives, by eliminating negative emotions and freeing them to live the life that they truly deserve.

Are you ready to become the “Master Of Your Mind – Master Of Your Destiny?”

These simple self help guides are for anyone and everyone, who is ready to take action, ownership and responsibility for their own emotional issues.

Personal development gurus, are predicting that Self Help techniques, such as, EFT, will be being used by the majority of people, on a daily basis, within the next decade or so, as awareness of these simple, yet effective, techniques increases.

I truly hope, that once you have experienced the simplicity and effectiveness of EFT, (by following the practical EFT sessions within the books) that you will use the EFT technique on any other emotional issues which may come up for you.

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