Do you want to learn what it REALLY takes to create “passive” income online?

If so, then please read on…

This book exposes the various truths of popular online business ideas being used today. I want you to be aware of the facts first, so you can make smarter decisions for your own online business endeavors. The target market for this book is for beginners who want to learn how to generate a residual income online, so they can enjoy everything else life has to offer. But experienced online entrepreneurs may find some benefits from this book as well.

There’s a lot of people getting ripped-off and are given false promises that they can be rich online. The truth is, it takes time, dedication, and effort before anyone can be successful. However, “making money while you sleep” is not a myth. It’s a reality…and I can teach you how to make it happen.

In this book, you’ll discover:

1) 7 effective online business ideas that can generate passive income

2) Actionable steps to ensure you stay on the right track to success

3) Various truths about making money online and one that may be a “deal breaker”

4) Tools that will help you get started now and sustain your business

…and so much more.

WARNING: Generating passive income is possible, if you treat it as a “business” rather than a get-rich-quick opportunity. If you can’t accept this fact, then this book is not for you.