This Motivational go-getter is the book you will need to build your confidence and get a real passion for your life goal. This eye opening short novel will teach you many strategies, tips and tricks about how to get motivated, build anticipation and get excited!! Learn what you achieve with proper motivation and what motivation can do to emotions so you can tip the scales in your favor and exceed in what ever you want!

Figuring out what motivates you to work hard for your goal is only the beginning. Just because you’ve found something that helps you to keep going each day does not mean that the process of self-motivation is over. There is more to self-motivation than just finding that one thing that inspires you.

Here’s a preview of what you will learn…

• The things you can achieve with proper motivation

• Motivation, how does it work?

• Don’t start out big!

• Examine, assess and re-assess

• Building up the anticipation and excitement

• Sustaining that motivation

• Much, Much more helpful tips and strategies.