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Hello my name is David Vicary and I want to introduce you to the easiest process of making money online with Kindle publishing.

I have tried every aspect of trying to make money online and found that by far the easiest way to make a passive income is by publishing Kindle books.

This book contains the steps I have taken to publish Kindle books that generate me a passive income of over $550 from 5 books. A lot of guides and courses make promises of thousands a month, that is certainly possible but I want to show you how from just a few books you can quite literally make several hundred dollars each month!

This book is an easy to understand guide to the process of Kindle publishing with a look at the easy steps you need to take to start your kindle publishing journey. It is ideal if you are a complete beginner!

This book will start the ball rolling, but I also have a video training course called Kindle Income Autopilot which is a fantastic online course showing you not only the steps in video format, but also some of the books I produced and the actual income they are making me.

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The Opportunities with Kindle For YouMonetizing Your Kindle BooksTurning Your Book Into A SerialThe Difference Between Fiction and Non-FictionHow To Sell A Book On KindleDon’t Be A Writer Be A MarketerHow You Make Your RoyaltiesWhere You Need to Rank Your Book For It To Sell WellAmazon Reviews Are The Secret SauceHow To Identify An Emotional NicheUsing Amazon Search Bar to Find Your KeywordsChoosing The Right Book TitleCover CreationGet Your KDP AccountPen NamesUsing KDP Select To Promote Your BookUploading Your Book To Amazon Kindle-Free VideoAnd Lots More!

As I say if you are new to Kindle publishing and want a simple basic guide that is going to help you get started then this book is for you! Remember readers of my book will be given exclusive access to two free videos from my Kindle Income Autopilot course as well as an exclusive discount!

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