Discover The Power of Habit – The Ultimate Key to Success and Goal Achievement

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“This book is about the most important qualities and skills everyone who wants to be successful in life should posses. The most important lesson for me were developing a strong positive habits and focusing on priorities in my life. If you want to learn those precious lessons but don’t have a time to read a 500-pages book, this ebook is for you!” – Alex Oliveira

“I feel like the author was looking at my life when he wrote this book. It’s almost like I was subconsciously hindering my success. I almost feel like I have a fear of success. Sounds weird but true. The book was definitely an eye opener for me to move forward with my life through creating healthier habits. This a good read to get a person going for the next year. I recommend it.” – Latasha Minor

“This book is a great self help manual for breaking poor habits and making excuses, something I do a little more often that I should, and most people do. Setting goals isn’t too hard, you just have to get the right “kick” to get you going. There are some great tips here I need to implement. Worth checking out for your collection.” – Robera Garcia

Hi, my name is Matthew Braden and this book is all about shaping your destiny and creating a better and stronger version of yourself. I`m going to show you how to create the winner`s edge. And believe me we all have an immense capacity inside of us. The problem is we get distracted from what`s important in life. We lose focus on our dreams and goals. Focus is like a laser beam that can go through anything. If you learn how to control it, nothing can stop you from achieving your deepest dreams.

Today I have an incredible privilege to share my knowledge and ideas with you through this book. My mission is to add value into your life by giving you some techniques and strategies which I`ve learned through the years. Please use them, take advantage by each of the chapters. I firmly believe this book will produce major results in your life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

The Power Of HabitsThe Secret To Breaking Bad HabitsPriority ManagementExcuses Don`t Make You A WinnerSet Your Goals HighTo Succeed Learn To Take CriticismThe Gift Of Fear

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