How to Make Extra Money Online Blogging

I have been making a full time income from blogging since 2010. You can do the same by applying the powerful, foolproof methods I’ve outlined in the “100 Quick Tips on How to Make Money Blogging” book.

You need to understand something – the amount of money you can make on the Internet is limitless.

This simple to understand guide will connect you with the “best” companies to become affiliated with in order to make outstanding, guaranteed commissions. It won’t cost you anything to get started marketing their products either.

Are you interested in creating and selling your own products through blogging? I give you the exact blueprint that I used to unleash the products I developed that make me money on autopilot.

Once I got a taste of the passive income available online, I blogged my way into making more and more, until I finally reached the position of a full time Internet marketer.

If I can make enough money through blogging to live on, so can you! And I am not a techie by any means.

In fact, up until just a few years ago, I didn’t even know how to type. I’m actually a professional cabinet maker of 30 plus years. Blogging used to be a hobby. Now the roles have reversed and blogging provides my main source of income.

To achieve results, it only takes a topic you know about, a product to promote, focus and an investment of time to start making recurring, passive income with your blog.

The beauty of earning money with a blog is that once you get things in order, you can make money while you are sleeping… and a lot of it!

How do you define success?

I define my own success by the amount of freedom I have with my time. Recurring passive income, gained through blogging, has led me to being very successful.

During a normal week, I have time to fish, go to the movies, take long walks on the beach at sunset, exercise, spend quality time with friends and family, and go out to eat at my favorite restaurants.

One of the best parts of my day is when I come home from doing fun things and see how much money I made while I was away from my desk.

I just love making money online and you will too!

Through applying my methods in your blogging adventures, you will create steady streams of passive income, guaranteed!

You are going to learn the secrets on how to make money blogging that I’ve learned from top Internet marketers since 2005. I’ve condensed the best information available for making money with a blog into 100 quick and easy to follow tips.

Here are a few of the tips from the book:

– I’ve made plenty of money by adding a page where my readers can tip me or buy me a cup of coffee. This works really well when you are offering quality content to your readers, for free, on a regular basis. Just create a paypal “donation” button.

-Kontera is another wonderful company to make money with. You embed a code in your blog’s footer and the ads will appear automatically within your content. Every time someone clicks on an ad, you make money.

– Use Bing ads to drive “targeted” traffic to your website. The more traffic you send to your best pages, the more money you will make.

– Use Feed Burner to integrate Facebook and Twitter with your blog. Every time you publish a post, a small thread of the content will automatically be posted to your Facebook or Twitter account. This will bring more traffic, resulting in more money.

-Contact other people in your niche who collect email addresses. Offer them a fee for sending out an email blast to their subscribers. Obviously the content that is sent to the email list should include a link to your product page.

This book will teach you:

How to make money blogging

How to continue earning passive income with a blog

How to earn from pay per click advertising

How to sell your own products online

How to market eBooks

How to earn passive income with AdSense

How to make money with affil