Emotions run our careers, and yet they are largely overlooked.

Career counseling usually focuses on identifying our skills, strengths and desires. However, the path to self realization and career building is far deeper than this, touching not only our passions, aspirations, and dreams, but also our biggest fears, doubts, pains, and insecurities.

The book Finding Your Career Path without Losing Your Mind deals with the principal emotions that directly impact our career. It is divided into eight chapters: love, happiness, self-esteem, fear, disappointment, anger, grief, and guilt. The writer explains how each emotion is related to our career choices and our own career management, offering tools and tips on how to tackle difficult emotions and how to cultivate positive ones in the course of our career development.

This book is an emotional and spiritual guide to personal growth in the career development process. Alongside presenting psychological theories and a business-minded approach, the author provides a spiritual outlook and includes tools like guided imagery and meditations. In addition, the book is spiced up with personal stories, examples, and quotes from various individuals ranging from the Buddha to Jerry Seinfeld.

Whether you are looking for a job, building a new business, or need a
better work life balance, the book Finding Your Career Path without Losing Your
Mind is suitable for you, if:
You feel that pain, guilt, or anger prevents you from realizing your professional potential.You want to build up your self-esteem and professional confidence independent of your accomplishments.You want to alleviate stress and find a work-life balance.You are willing to take responsibility for your life, change your thinking patterns, and acquire new habits.And most importantly – you wish to let your inner passion enlighten your career path.The guide in front of you will help you reflect deeply, dig up hidden treasures within yourself, and emerge as you are meant to be: creative, vibrant, and more determined; it will directly affect your career and your quality of life.

Selected quotes from readers’ reviews:

“I recommend this book to every person who wants to change his or her career, and yet feels stuck, confused, or anxious.”

“Well written and uplifting. The author delivers complex ideas in a
very coherent and down-to-earth manner.”

“Clear, engaging, and highly interesting.”  
Michal Fisher is a group facilitator and a life coach for career-development and personal growth. For the past 10 years Michal has been accompanying people on their journeys to self-fulfillment and happiness in their personal and professional lives. Michal holds a B.A. degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in group leadership through the arts from Leslie University.