Learn how to produce your own pro-quality audiobook FOR LESS THAN $100!

Smart phones come with an Audible or iTunes app already installed.

Every new car is manufactured with a port for smartphones.

More and more people are buying books in digital form, including audiobooks.

Simply, the audiobook market is counting down to a huge explosion. Audiobook sales are expected to grow from an estimated $200 million in 2013 to $750 million in 2016. And it’s going to continue to surge from there, following a similar pattern of growth as that seen in the eBook market.

If that wasn’t enough, Audible has perhaps the best affiliate program on the entire internet. If new members download your book as one of their original three purchases, you get a $25 bonus! You can even send your online audience to Audible to listen to your audiobook for free, and you get $10 for each person that signs up for a free trial membership!

While all this sounds terrific, unfortunately there are two huge problems:

1. Self-published authors can rarely afford the up-front cost of getting an audiobook produced. Typical costs are $300-500 per recorded hour and climbing.

2. Self-published authors often lack the equipment and know-how to produce their own, affordable audiobook that meets the standards and specifications of Audible and iTunes.

How to Create an Audiobook for Audible: Advice for Authors, Recording and Formatting Info, and More for ACX, Audible, and iTunes solves both of these problems.

Inside the book you’ll find simple, straightforward, illustrated instructions for producing your very own pro-quality audiobook.

You’ll learn about the free recording and editing software that will get the job done at no cost.

You’ll discover what type of affordable recording equipment you’ll need to get pro-quality sounds, all FOR LESS THAN $100!

And, if making an audiobook still sounds like too much trouble, you’ll learn how you can get an audiobook produced for less than HALF of the average cost of going through a professional narrator—and still get a professional finished product!

Lastly, inside you will find a link to a video demonstration showing the steps to recording a professional audiobook in real-time, making learning how to make your own audiobook even easier.

Buy this book now and get in the audiobook game ahead of everyone else.