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What are the 3 main things that all entrepreneurs from all walks of life have in common?

1 – Motivation

Entrepreneurs are motivated people by nature. In order to be a successful entrepreneur you must be an extremely self motivated individual. Entrepreneurs wake up and go to sleep at night with their businesses at the forefront of their mind.

2 – Determination

Entrepreneurs are determined to attaining their goals. They will not take no for an answer, they will not quit no matter how many obstacles they have to navigate around or how many hurdles they have to jump. Many people are so close to success only to let it slip from their fingers due to a lack of determination. A successful entrepreneur does not allow the little things to pile up into big things that they can no longer handle.

Successful entrepreneurs do not let snow flakes turn into snowballs.

3 – Desperation

Desperation is not always a bad thing. Entrepreneurs are not like most people. They are cut from a different jig. Without self controlled desperation a person may not be presented with the same opportunities as someone who exudes a passion for what they do. have you ever gone into a restaurant and seen the owner happily busing tables or even washing dishes? That is passion! That is self controlled desperation. Like minded individuals notice this and admire them for it.

What this book is not.

This is not a book telling you how to get rich quick or how to get rich slow. We are not going to tell you what our story of success was and now you just need to duplicate it. You can find these type of books everywhere and if this is what you are looking for than by all means go search for it. We just do not want to mislead anyone into thinking that this little eBook holds the powerful secrets to success. Because it doesn’t. And neither does any other book for that matter.

There is no easy pathway to becoming a successful entrepreneur. If there was than everyone would be following it. Most entrepreneurs aren’t rich. They have a passion for what they do and love being their own boss. Entrepreneurs will gladly take less money and work longer hours in order to be their own boss as a trade off for working a 9 to 5 that may pay them more.

What this book is.

This is a motivational book that gives tips on how to approach certain types of situations that not may arise but will arise for every single entrepreneur. Not many people like to talk about the obstacles and speed bumps that are in the road trying to slow down and often bring a persons business to a screeching halt. I have seen many entrepreneurs that are so close to success. It is within inches of their grasp. Then for whatever reasons they let the minutiae become their achilles heel and drag down their business. Often it is just one small thing that can cause the biggest problems.

We feel grateful and honored that you have chosen to read this far. This means that you are serious and have the right attitude to succeed as an entrepreneur. We hope that something in this book can be of some assistance to you.

Happy reading!


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