Are you sick of tired of hearing the same generic advice on overcoming negativity? Sick of hearing things like “just keep thinking positive and everything will get better” from almost every positive thinking book you seem to read?

Of course when things don’t get better and you look for more advice it just seems that the so called experts will tell you that you are not thinking positive often enough. So just keep thinking positive thoughts at all times and then more good things will eventually manifest in your life.

Well if it was that easy then wouldn’t we all be happy, optimistic individuals leading a positive fulfilled life? The truth is that telling a negative person to just think positive does nothing to address the root of the problem. And the problem is usually from within.

So what is this book about? Well for starters I can tell you what it is not about. This books is not just simply about positive thinking and how to stay positive. Nor is it simply just about telling you to get rid of your negative thoughts. If you want just simply that then you can find several positive thinking books that will tell you just that as they assume that, that’s what you want to hear. But not necessarily what you need to hear.

Rather this book is about what causes one to think negatively in the first place. Only by discovering this can we then focus on overcoming a negative mindset and eventually start to lead a positive life. In this book; you will learn:
The 7 bad habits (positive killers) that must be eliminated if you want any chance on overcoming negative thinkingSimple techniques that anyone can apply right away to break these negative habits so you can start to conquer your negative mindset.Learn not only to start thinking positive but maintain a positive mindset so you can have better relationships, health and can be more successful in virtually almost if not all aspects of your life
This book will teach you these and much more. Based on my years of studying, research and personal experience I have concluded that there are 7 very common reasons as to why someone may be negative. And if you do not address these than “just thinking positive” will do absolutely nothing for you.

I refer to these as the “Positive Killers.” In this book I will address what these are and how to overcome them so you can stop living in constant torment by having a negative mindset. I am not saying this book has all the answers. But the advice in this book is what I always try to live by and has significantly helped me which leaves me no doubt it will help you out as well.

Here is what just one of my readers has to say about this book:

“Free Yourself From the Shackles of Negative Thinking by Max Fischwell is
a book everyone should read. It shows us straight up that negative
emotion and energy will take you down and manifest misery. Max unveils
strategies to flip your life attitude to positive and touch every aspect
of your life positively. Loved it!..” – Cathy Wilson

So go ahead and find out what the 7 positive killers are and start living the fulfilling life that you deserve!