Anyone who has been promoting their online or offline business for a while knows the power of television or video marketing.

One of the arrows in your quiver should be video marketing with Youtube and other video sharing sites.

Traffic Geyser was, and still is, a powerful video uploading platform but if you are just a casual user of video promotion you can always test the market with a Fiverr gig where someone will upload your video  to their Traffic Geyser account and create you some video backlinks to your youtube channel.

One thing that is hot in Video creation and video publishing is the newly revamped EasyVideoSuite.

SEE Under the HOOD of Easy Video Suite

Australians always like to claim everything Kiwi that is successful really belongs to them but in this case the coolest video software of 2013 belongs to the guys from the long white cloud.

Video marketing has always been a large part of my offline business.

My videos on YouTube would create interest that would flow into my business website which then tried to convert the enquirers into suspects and then into prospects. This is a sound business model and when combined with other social marketing techniques gradually delivers targeted visitors to my website.

I was always in awe of the well crafted videos that could entice you ever deeper into the channel or site by using a combination of quality copywriting, coupled with strong calls to action and really clean efficient designs.

Hosting videos was another issue.

You could host videos and embed them from your Youtube Channel into your website and in some circumstances this is the most desirable method to generate traffic flow.

One of the key gurus of video traffic generation is Jeff Johnson.

Jeff is the master of generating traffic from all online sources. He developed his strategies after having some Google accounts banned. He was already a master of profiting from the web both though advertising revenue and through selling quality training packages. I’ve always enjoyed his guidance because he breaks this down into simple and easy to understand chunks with tactics and systems that you can start applying immediately.

Anyway I had tried several video players, like Transparent Video Player from Scott Lundgren…a really good player and it has great support and training.

I was resigned to utilising YouTube to serve my videos to my website and to accepting that I couldn’t make and publish some of the videos in the styles that professional gurus like Jeff Walker or Brendon Buchard could produce.

Videos that not only engaged the viewer but contained embedded “buy now” buttons and other calls to action.

The training videos for my chosen niche were a combination of quality training demonstrated under live conditions in my framing showroom, through green screen efforts and screen capture video.

All of my videos required not only high quality filmography but first class editing before they could be uploaded and promoted.

Yesterday, in the midst of a new membership site creation, I decided to look at the new EVS and I became hooked from the get go.

Once you have experience at making content for Youtube and other video sites you start to crave the functionality that you’ve seen but don’t know how to achieve.

It is a bit like watching a magic show and just looking on in awe…

…but really your mind is just trying to solve the trick.

Watch the behind the scenes while I test drive the latest version of the Easy Video Player.

One thing that *solves* many of the problems associated with video creation is the new EVS application.

There are so many benefits of EVS that I really couldn’t list them all here but needlessly to say I immediately purchased and downloaded the new EVS

It was a no brainer.

Today I made some training videos primarily for my in-house staff training but I then shot some Intro and Outro videos that turned those videos into lead generating machines.

Embedding buy now buttons, creating video sales pages, even creating a full video training playlist was super easy.

I should say that again “SUPER EASY”

When I finish this blogpost I’m going to hop back to finishing off some of the content I created today for my particular niches.

I just had to share my excitement and delight with Easy Video Suite.