Creativity: The Ultimate Creativity Guide – How To Unleash Your Creativity, Come Up With Brilliant Ideas & Increase Your Productivity For Maximum Success

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to discover your creative side, and allow yourself to grow in innovative, enjoyable ways that will surely make your imagination boom.

The first chapter in this book will teach you the definition and importance of being creative. The succeeding chapters will talk about the different venues for creativity, as well as ideas to keep your ideas fresh and flowing. This book will tackle creativity in writing, speech, painting and sketching, recycling, and much more! The last chapter of the book is dedicated to helping you channel your newfound creative energy into being as productive as you can be, thus leading to your happiness and success in everything that you do.

If you have difficulty making creativity work for you, then this book will definitely set you on the right track, and aid you in inventing new things and playing with new ideas to become better at your job, your skills in organization, and even your self-confidence. If you are already aware of just how creative you can be, then this book will give you more suggestions on how to make the most of your imagination and skills. Creativity is not for the chosen few. It is already inside each one of us, just waiting to be unlocked.

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Fundamentals of CreativityThe Power of Words: Harnessing Your Creativity through Literature, Theatre and SpeechImages and Colors: Creativity through the Visual ArtsPutting It All TogetherMuch, much more!

Fundamentals of Creativity

What is Creativity?

The dictionary meaning of the word creativity is this: to use or think of new ideas, concepts or objects that are unique and purposeful. However, creativity is more than just the production of new ideas. Creativity is a state of mind wherein you are able to fuse several old concepts to create something completely new. Being creative means being able to think outside of the norm, bringing fresh perspective to solid norms. A creative person can look at a glass, for example, and see several potentially new creations with that glass as the base. The glass can become a telescope, a pen holder, an experiment container, or anything else. The imagination of a creative person is limitless and fearless.

Creativity does not begin and end with the fine arts, as many people have come to believe. In fact, the fine arts are just one avenue for the creative person to explore. Also, creativity is not only confined in a private studio, library or music chamber. Creativity lives in the streets through graffiti artists, in nature through the beauty of flowers and the majesty of trees, and even in corporate buildings where cutting-edge design and high functionality are the fruits of the artistic endeavors of several individuals.

With so many fields for creativity to grow in, it is no wonder that companies hold innovative people with high regard. Creative people birth the inventions, books, food, machines, and so many other things that make our lives more exciting, comfortable and adventurous. Creative people are the world’s main source of energy for change and progress.

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