Do you love to cook? Do people fight each other for invitations to your monthly dinner party, or beg you weeks in advance to cook a dish or bake a dessert for their party? Have you ever watched a caterer at a wedding or other function and think, I could do that?

After reading, Catering Business Secrets: How to Start and Run Your Own Profitable Catering Business from Home you will discover the scalable business of catering, where you can start as small as you’d like and grow the business as much or little as you wish. If you want to be your own boss and set your own hours for a change, it can be a great way to break into a new business and make some good money in the process.

In Catering Business Secrets, you will discover:

• The potential earning power of catering, including relatively low start-up costs, and flexible hours!

• How to choose a catering niche and market specifically to your target audience, such as type of event (corporate, casual, or small and intimate), course (appetizer, dessert), or cuisine (ethnic).

• How to conduct catering market research and write a detailed business plan. Decide how much you’re able to invest upfront, and how to apply for small business grants on the local, state or federal level.

• Discover how to write up your catering contract and choose your staffing method.

• Choosing the best equipment you can’t live without for cooking, transporting, and serving, and rental opportunities.

• How to plan your menu, making sure to provide lots of options for different events within your niche. Know which foods travel well and which don’t.
• How to add fun menu twists: exhibition cooking (flipping pizza dough, make sushi); cooking in front of guests with a grill or smoker; or creating a participatory event, like a make-your-own-dessert table.

• Devise a killer catering marketing plan. How to build the best website with sample menus and photos of past events, business cards, a business name and a logo, to attract new customers online.

• Networking Essentials. How to form relationships with local businesses that you can leverage, such as an organic grocery store or bakery. Reach out to people who offer complementary services, such as florists, bakers, or party planners; use each other to refer clients.

• How to host a tasting party for potential clients that will keep them coming back for more. Display your best food, and offer discounts for their next party or if they refer a friend.
• How to land your first catering client!

• How to create your own event timeline, including the days before when you will order, prep, and cook your food. Include transport, warming and setup times; when you’ll hire staff; and when you’ll arrive and depart the venue.

• Communicate will with your service staff, telling them how you want the event run; how large portions on the buffet should be; when and what they can eat, or where they can take breaks. Good communication should head off potential problems.

Get Catering Business Secrets today that contains everything you need to start your own catering business!