Did you ever feel at a loss, unable to change the course of your life?

Do you also sometimes experience a sneaking sense of despair?

Have you tried everything you learned – everything offered to you – yet still feel stuck and frustrated?

Do you feel that the tools that society gave you – to deal with marriage, parenting, work, retirement or any other challenge you might face ”” just aren’t enough?

This book is the first in a series of books that give you practical and easy-to-implement tools in order to make all aspects of your life – even the most difficult – easy, comfortable, exciting and enriching. Over decades of sharing Positive Thinking, we have published seven books, some of them bestsellers. We have accompanied tens of thousands of people on their journey to discover how to use their enormous inner powers and abilities to benefit their lives. Shared thinking, assembled in this series, will change your life too.

We have gathered for you the Cosmic Laws of Positive Thinking, which have proven themselves and have become the cornerstones of Positive Thinking over countless years. Any such law we describe is accompanied by exercises and enriched by simple visualization techniques, which require no prior knowledge, nor the ability to meditate.

We give you the opportunity to create change in your life just in those areas where body and soul are crying out for change.

Our many years of experience and the proven success of our books and our work, brought together in a practical and easy manner accessible to every single person, opens up the exciting possibility of living the life you’ve always wanted to live!


Rivka and Shirley

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